Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Little Details- OOT Boxes

Happy Wednesday!! I just got the best email ever from our lovely photographer Anna- pictures will be done at the end of this week or beginning of next! Yay!!! In the meantime I am still giving you updates about our details and then will show you our rehearsal dinner and getting ready!

The week of the wedding flew by and I mean it really flew- thank goodness for all the help we received on all of the little details!

These welcome boxes almost didn't make it...However this was something I wanted from the very get go and because the vast majority of our guests were from out of town I wanted to welcome them with a little something.

We took a picture of us and Daisy with blank signs which we later added Welcome to Omaha on. My plan was to take a picture my these two trains that say Welcome Omaha on them but for some reason they were closed the day we took the picture- Bummer. So we went to the old College World Series Stadium because everyone coming to Omaha knew about the series and the brand new stadium so we showed them the old one in the photo!
Here we are with our blank signs and Daisy who sat and "posed" for the picture!
Finished product on the bed in the hotel room! (Photo compliments of Sallie Wilson)

Inside the boxes were Hershey Oreo Truffles, Cookies, Muffins- all homemade by me and my two bridesmaids- Jenny and Jeka (thanks ladies!)

We also filled them with Omaha catalogs picked up by my family as they traveled from Sterling to Omaha!

The final touch and another of my favorite details were the water bottles- again thanks to Jenny and Jeka for assembling!

My parents helped me stuff all the boxes the night before the rehearsal dinner and they took them to the hotel to greet the guests!! 

Here are the rest of the water bottle designs:

Happy Wedding Wednesday!


  1. Oohhh I love the pic with Daisy. that is amazing.

  2. How cute are you guys in your picture! What a fun extra touch! :) Love the water bottle designs too!

  3. So cute!!! I love the picture with your pup!

  4. Super cute! Everyone is going to love them! We handed out OOT bags to close family from out of town at our rehearsal dinner and they loved the thought!

  5. So cute, I love the Daisy was in the picture holding a sign too!!