Friday, July 8, 2011

Aloha Au Ia 'Oe: Honeymoon Day 2!

Happy Friday! Are you ready for some snorkeling?? Danny has been to Hawaii twice before me and his favorite thing by far was snorkeling and so I agreed to give it a try! He took me to Hanama Bay on Oahu which is a marine conservation area and underwater park. This was one of the best places to learn because it is shallow and you can swim very close to the reef without touching it!

Before we got in the water we set up a little spot on the beach- but these birds looked like they wanted our food!! We had to hide it! Neat birds though-they all had red heads!

We got there super early enough to see the beautiful sunrise!

Here I am trying snorkeling for the first time- I had a lot of fun and if you decide to go to Hawaii make sure to have someone with you who knows how to snorkel or take a quick lesson! The first time in the water is a little scary and learning to breathe through a tiny tube is hard but well worth it!
We saw loads of turtles!!
Right after our first snorkel!
That night we went out to eat and walked our beach again- everything was so pretty!

Aloha and see you tomorrow!


  1. You guys are sooo cute. I can't wait to see which ones of your babies have your nose Kamie.
    I am a little scared to try snorkeling! Shawn is sooo adventurous it makes me feel silly for being such a scaredy cat sometimes!

  2. I have never tried snorkeling either and I'm a bit scared to as well..perhaps I will try for the first time in Hawaii too!

  3. Snorkeling is SO fun! So glad you enjoyed it!!!