Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A Birthday + A Luau!

Because it's my birthday I wanted to share a few more special photos from our wedding day with you!
This is the garter toss in a series watch closely...especially the guy on the right!

I love this- this totally explains Luis's personality- completely over the top but still such a caring guy!! He was Danny's best man!
This picture is so special. This was right after we came out of the church, all of our guests were waiting with a balloon in hand, when we walked out they let them go- so fun to watch. If you look closely you can see the balloons in the window of the church right behind us.  Now the reason I love this picture is if you look to the left there are two people standing behind us! Those special people are my lovely grandparents and have been married for over 60 years. How amazing is it that this moment was captured new and old love together with such joy!

Now for the Luau! It was called Drums of the Pacific and it was right down the beach from our hotel so we walked there!

This is a picture of the roasted pig.
There was even a rainbow!
The food was delicious- so yummy!! Here is the dessert table!
Here is one of four long tables with the feast!
Then the celebration began!! The dancing was beautiful and entertaining!

Danny also got me a lei here and I loved it!! Make sure you go to a Luau when in Hawaii!!
 Have a great Wednesday!


  1. We also went to a luau while we were in Hawaii! And that idea about the balloon release is awesome! I absolutely love it!

  2. What fun pics of your wedding. Your dress was so pretty..I love those black and white pics too!

  3. Amazing pics - the garter toss ones are excellent and the one out of the church - just stunning!

    Happy Birthday fellow July baby! (We are the best ;) hehe)

  4. ha ha ha ha@ garter toss photos! He was serious!

  5. Awesome wedding photos! Happy late Birthday!

  6. wow! You can see the balloons in the church window, what a great photo!

  7. Lovely pics. Hawaii looks beautiful.