Thursday, July 28, 2011

Little Details-Gifts

Wow! Can you believe it is almost August? How time flies when you're having fun!!

One of my favorite things I did was look for and buy the bridesmaid's presents! To say thank you we first went for mani-pedi's on Thursday before the rehearsal. Then at the rehearsal dinner I gave them these:

I found these cute little bags on Etsy from nnichols- the monogram gift shop!! Way cute and they turned out so perfect! Each one was in the girl's favorite colors.
Then I got them flip flops that are dressy too for the reception!
Then they all got bracelets- I loved these- they were all monogrammed with their first initial and then they wore them on the Wedding day!!

 Look closely and you can see their bracelets! (Photo courtesy of Aunt Andrea)
Danny also got gifts for his groomsmen- originally he wasn't going to wrap them but my aunt Andrea and my mom thought they should be wrapped- but they kept it manly with the duck tape! Haha!

A huge thanks to my mom, dad, aunt Andrea, and my uncle Tim for rounding up the rest of the gifts for all the people in the wedding and for helping to wrap them!!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Little Details- OOT Boxes

Happy Wednesday!! I just got the best email ever from our lovely photographer Anna- pictures will be done at the end of this week or beginning of next! Yay!!! In the meantime I am still giving you updates about our details and then will show you our rehearsal dinner and getting ready!

The week of the wedding flew by and I mean it really flew- thank goodness for all the help we received on all of the little details!

These welcome boxes almost didn't make it...However this was something I wanted from the very get go and because the vast majority of our guests were from out of town I wanted to welcome them with a little something.

We took a picture of us and Daisy with blank signs which we later added Welcome to Omaha on. My plan was to take a picture my these two trains that say Welcome Omaha on them but for some reason they were closed the day we took the picture- Bummer. So we went to the old College World Series Stadium because everyone coming to Omaha knew about the series and the brand new stadium so we showed them the old one in the photo!
Here we are with our blank signs and Daisy who sat and "posed" for the picture!
Finished product on the bed in the hotel room! (Photo compliments of Sallie Wilson)

Inside the boxes were Hershey Oreo Truffles, Cookies, Muffins- all homemade by me and my two bridesmaids- Jenny and Jeka (thanks ladies!)

We also filled them with Omaha catalogs picked up by my family as they traveled from Sterling to Omaha!

The final touch and another of my favorite details were the water bottles- again thanks to Jenny and Jeka for assembling!

My parents helped me stuff all the boxes the night before the rehearsal dinner and they took them to the hotel to greet the guests!! 

Here are the rest of the water bottle designs:

Happy Wedding Wednesday!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Little Details- Signs!

Somewhere along the way I fell in love with having signs pointing guests in the right direction- then I saw chalkboard signs and knew I had to make some!! My mom and I went to Hobby Lobby and bought some cute frames half off, the plan was to paint on chalkboard paint and then write on them with chalk.

However, while shopping we ran across black poster board and chalk markers. They worked perfectly- my mom made all of the signs- aren't they gorgeous!! These three we didn't write on until the night before- hoping Anna has some pictures of them!!

This signs says Happily Ever After Begins Here! It was at the entrance walk of the castle!!

Have a wonderful wedding Wednesday!

Little Details- Menus!

Happy Wednesday Lovelies!! I have another detail to show you today! Our Royal menus.

Since we held our reception at a castle we decided to make a custom menu naming all of the foods so that they related to castle items!

For example Court Jester Lettuce Salad, Dungeon Lemonade, Moat Water...

And no I didn't find a fork, spoon, and knife punch but did find a stamp at Hobby Lobby- simple but loved them!!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Little Details- Fan Programs!

“It's the little details that are vital. Little things make big things happen.” ~ John Wooden
I have loved and collected quotes since I could read! I find them inspiring and motivating so today I thought I would share a sweet little quote with you that is perfect for this blog post!

This week while we wait for wedding pictures to be ready I wanted to share with you some of the little details that made our big day happen! First up our fan programs:

Remember that fan box I made, well here it is holding all of the fans we made. I used a special template that I found from Wedding Paper Products-click here for some templates! We typed out our program in pink and grey, cut them out, glued them together, and finally put a popsicle stick in the middle with a cute pink or grey bow!

Our guests loved them and so did we! It was a great little detail for our big day and it was an easy diy project that we did together!

 (To the brides in the planning process: this takes some time so if you want to add these to your diy projects plan some time too!)

Friday, July 15, 2011

Aloha Au Ia 'Oe: Honeymoon Day 8!

Happy Friday loves! Last night me and the Mr. went to the Harry Potter Premiere- loved it and loved the atmosphere with people cheering and clapping and dressed up like characters. So great!

Day 8 in Hawaii was certainly bittersweet as we had to board a plane to go home that night but exciting as we were heading home to start our lives together!
 We went to this little beach that takes you through a little forest- reminded me of Alice in Wonderland.

These are my Just Married flip flops that I finally remembered to take a picture of!
Then we played in the sand and in the water!
That night we packed up and got on a red eye flight to Chicago where we had a five hour layover- can you say exhausted!
One good thing that happened in Chicago was meeting a TV Star! Danny and I were walking to our gate when we saw this red headed women and I think both of our jaws dropped as we walked by her.  So we both looked at each other and said "Was that really her?" We couldn't decide and wondered why she was in Chicago... we turned around in search of her again and when we saw her getting coffee at Starbucks- Danny to my surprise marched right up to her and asked if she was in a T.V. show and she said "Thanks I am glad you like our show!" Then another women came up and asked "Are you Meredith from the Office?" It was her folks- can you believe that?

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Aloha Au Ia 'Oe: Honeymoon Day 7!

 Happy Thursday! Our seventh and last full day and night on the islands was so fun because we went on a sunset dinner cruise! Again the sunsets and sunrises are amazing here!

 This guy was a fabulous singer and entertained us for the whole three hours. He is pictured here with a nose flute which amazingly sounded gorgeous!
 There goes the sun!
 The dessert was yummy and so was the food- steak and chicken but i forgot to take a picture of that! :(

 There was this hilarious and kind lady who saw we had just been married and she told us we had to give her our camera she continued to pose us and take pictures of us- we awkwardly stood there but what a sweet women!
 Another of those posed pictures!

Finishing up a cocktail before we docked!!  
 Have a wonderful night! Danny and I are about to head to the Harry Potter 7.2 Premiere!!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A Birthday + A Luau!

Because it's my birthday I wanted to share a few more special photos from our wedding day with you!
This is the garter toss in a series watch closely...especially the guy on the right!

I love this- this totally explains Luis's personality- completely over the top but still such a caring guy!! He was Danny's best man!
This picture is so special. This was right after we came out of the church, all of our guests were waiting with a balloon in hand, when we walked out they let them go- so fun to watch. If you look closely you can see the balloons in the window of the church right behind us.  Now the reason I love this picture is if you look to the left there are two people standing behind us! Those special people are my lovely grandparents and have been married for over 60 years. How amazing is it that this moment was captured new and old love together with such joy!

Now for the Luau! It was called Drums of the Pacific and it was right down the beach from our hotel so we walked there!

This is a picture of the roasted pig.
There was even a rainbow!
The food was delicious- so yummy!! Here is the dessert table!
Here is one of four long tables with the feast!
Then the celebration began!! The dancing was beautiful and entertaining!

Danny also got me a lei here and I loved it!! Make sure you go to a Luau when in Hawaii!!
 Have a great Wednesday!