Friday, July 15, 2011

Aloha Au Ia 'Oe: Honeymoon Day 8!

Happy Friday loves! Last night me and the Mr. went to the Harry Potter Premiere- loved it and loved the atmosphere with people cheering and clapping and dressed up like characters. So great!

Day 8 in Hawaii was certainly bittersweet as we had to board a plane to go home that night but exciting as we were heading home to start our lives together!
 We went to this little beach that takes you through a little forest- reminded me of Alice in Wonderland.

These are my Just Married flip flops that I finally remembered to take a picture of!
Then we played in the sand and in the water!
That night we packed up and got on a red eye flight to Chicago where we had a five hour layover- can you say exhausted!
One good thing that happened in Chicago was meeting a TV Star! Danny and I were walking to our gate when we saw this red headed women and I think both of our jaws dropped as we walked by her.  So we both looked at each other and said "Was that really her?" We couldn't decide and wondered why she was in Chicago... we turned around in search of her again and when we saw her getting coffee at Starbucks- Danny to my surprise marched right up to her and asked if she was in a T.V. show and she said "Thanks I am glad you like our show!" Then another women came up and asked "Are you Meredith from the Office?" It was her folks- can you believe that?


  1. AH! So cool!!! At least you got to see a celeb on that layover!

  2. Thats so cool!!! :) Love meeting celebs!