Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Aloha Au Ia 'Oe: Honeymoon Day 5!

Happy Tuesday!

Day 5 was our snorkeling trip to Molokini and Lanai. We went on a boat ran by the Pacific Whale Foundation. Our "tour" guides were all students and Marine Naturalists so they new a lot about marine life. I also felt so safe snorkeling with them- they had little rafts that they sat in a circle and watched us to make sure we were ok.  Some of them got in with us and pointed out certain fish or reef life!!
We were the first ones on the boat! Here are our seats. We decided to sit on top and at the side because this boat also looks for dolphins!!

That rock looking thing way out there is Molokini- our first snorkeling site and where we saw some dolphins- even baby ones!!

Look how clear it is- the coral is gorgeous!
We had an underwater camera here is a fish!

All of these red fish were right under the rock- there were hundreds of them!

See that tiny yellow and purple fish? She is a cleaner fish and if you stay by her you will see all kinds of fish coming to get clean!

This is where we saw the dolphins!
This was a day long excursion and they served us breakfast and lunch with cocktails on the way back to the dock! It was a lot of fun!
 Then we went to the Iao Needle which is a gorgeous state park.

There is a stream behind us where people jump in and go swimming!

It was such a gorgeous day! Tomorrow I am taking you on the road to Hana and a luau!


  1. omg those underwater pics are great!! I did the road to Hana a few years ago, I can't wait to hear your experience on it..especially since it is nicknamed "Divorce road!!" Haha I'm sure you two had a perfectly romantic experience though, love your pics!

  2. i love the snorkeling pictures! it looks like so much fun :)

  3. Wow! So beautiful!