Monday, July 18, 2011

Little Details- Fan Programs!

“It's the little details that are vital. Little things make big things happen.” ~ John Wooden
I have loved and collected quotes since I could read! I find them inspiring and motivating so today I thought I would share a sweet little quote with you that is perfect for this blog post!

This week while we wait for wedding pictures to be ready I wanted to share with you some of the little details that made our big day happen! First up our fan programs:

Remember that fan box I made, well here it is holding all of the fans we made. I used a special template that I found from Wedding Paper Products-click here for some templates! We typed out our program in pink and grey, cut them out, glued them together, and finally put a popsicle stick in the middle with a cute pink or grey bow!

Our guests loved them and so did we! It was a great little detail for our big day and it was an easy diy project that we did together!

 (To the brides in the planning process: this takes some time so if you want to add these to your diy projects plan some time too!)


  1. I didn't realize the fans were the PROGRAM! OMG so amazing!

  2. Love it! I really considered doing this and nixed it at the last minute for lack of time. Yours look awesome though!

  3. Very cool, and that box is so cute too!~

  4. I agree- that box is FANTASTIC. I love your grey and pink theme too. Sooo very classy.

    I hate to sound like spam, and I apologize in advance, but I'm an intern at a company that is having a contest for blogger brides. I realize you're already married, but hopefully you know a friend or two who might be interested in entering.

    If you'd like the details, just send me an email at

    Congrats on your marriage!

  5. Cool idea (haha - you're cool when you use them hey)

    Wish I could go to a wedding and use one, but we don't get nice enough weather here.