Saturday, July 9, 2011

Aloha Au Ia 'Oe: Honeymoon Day 3!

Day 3! One of the reasons we stopped on Oahu was to go to Pearl Harbor- which if you go to Hawaii this is something you should see at least once. It was sad and very silent there as people remembered... It reminded me to be so grateful for our soldiers and the sacrifices they are making to keep us safe at home!

This is the anchor they recovered from the U.S.S. Arizona.
Right in front of the harbor.

They take you over on a boat to see the memorial.
This is the U.S.S. Arizona memorial- the ship was sunk but they built this white memorial so you could look down on the sunken ship. Oil can still be seen coming from the ship.

Parts of the ship that are above the water.

After Pearl Harbor we had some time before our flight for Maui left so we headed out toward North Shore- where the huge waves roll in! This is the part of the island that is famous for surfing conditions! However, the whole time we were on the islands the waters were extremely calm which made for good swimming and snorkling but the surfers weren't happy!

Driving to the airport for Maui!!

Have a Happy Saturday Everyone!!

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  1. I went to Pearl Harbor in high school... It was just AMAZING! You took some great pictures!!!