Sunday, July 10, 2011

Aloha Au Ia 'Oe: Honeymoon Day 3 Part 2!

Happy Sunday! 
The other half of day three was spent on Maui! We boarded a plane in the afternoon that literally went up and then came back down and we were on the beautiful island of Maui! The flight attendant was so nice and pointed out certain things on the island like the volcano and certain beaches.
Here we are in Maui!!
I grew up in a small farm town where chickens were only seen on farms- I had to add this picture because there are chickens everywhere you go in Hawaii! You can hear roosters crowing at all times- it was kind of neat! These chickens were sitting on a bench right outside the rental car pickup!!
Thanks to our honeymoon registry and our lovely guests we were able to upgrade our car to a ford mustang convertible- so worth it!! If you honeymoon in Hawaii upgrade to a convertible- it is lovely and well worth it to be able to see the gorgeous scenery!

When we upgraded we asked especially for a red ford mustang and the lady at the counter said we were in luck because they had just bought this car and we were the third drivers with only 1500 miles on it- basically brand new! Super fun!
Then we arrived at our hotel- The Whaler on Ka'anapali Beach! This was the nicest hotel- I loved it! It had a full kitchen with pots, pans, silverware... basically anything you needed to cook. So we took a trip to the grocery store and saved a little money by eating in once in a while- usually just breakfast and lunch on our gorgeous balcony that looked out onto the beach.
There was even a rainbow to greet us!
One view from our room!
Beach view from our room!
Sunset from our balcony!
Then we walked right out of our hotel room and down to the beach- so fun!
This beach is known for its beauty, crystal clear waters, and the black rock- where divers and people jump into the ocean! We also saw a ton of turtles here!
Staying right on the beach saves a lot of hassle especially because you do not pay for the minimal parking that they provide!
And of course we had to play in the sand!

Some of the most gorgeous sunsets happen right here on our beach- make sure to go see them!
I was also surprised at the lack of tourists on Maui- or that is how it appeared. I was expecting our beach to be full of people and surprisingly it wasn't- another thing that makes Maui so great!


  1. what a great post. i want to go to maui now!

  2. Beautiful! :) AH! I can't wait for our honeymoon! I'm glad you had such a wonderful time!

  3. Man I want to go on vacation now! So beautiful!

  4. Hawaii looks gorgeous! And I love the mustang! A red ford mustang convertible used to be my dream car when I was a teenager.