Monday, July 11, 2011

Aloha Au Ia 'Oe: Honeymoon Day 4!

Happy Monday Lovelies! What better way to brighten up a Monday than with a sunrise? 

On our fourth day in Hawaii we practically rolled out of bed grabbed warm clothes and blankets and headed up to the best place to see a sunrise; Haleakala Volcano! You have to get there early because this is a hotspot and if you want to be front row and center you better get out of bed at 3AM!!
 We were cuddled up in blankets and light coats because we hadn't originally planned on doing this so we had no idea that we needed to bring warm clothes- it was around 40 degrees all the way up there!
 You can see that it is early because you could still see the moon!
 Haleakala is a dormant volcano which did erupt once and  now there is a huge crater which fills  up with clouds every morning waiting for the sun!

 It seemed like forever waiting for the sun but the colors were amazing!

 Here it comes!
 Gorgeous right? If you honeymoon in Maui make this one of your stops! Very romantic!

A lot of people come up in a van and then bike down the volcano- we looked into it but it was pretty expensive so if it is something you would like to do- save some money for it! It looks fun and you bike through the clouds. Although we were so tired I am not sure we could have biked down the mountain!!

Then we drove back to our hotel in our convertible and took a very long nap, ate lunch on our balcony, and then headed down to Lahaina. Lahaina was like a cute little beachy town with a lot of class! They have fun little markets every day and then yummy restaurants that look out onto the ocean! Just gorgeous!
Looking out into the ocean from Lahaina! Then we took another stroll down the beach and ate at a yummy place called Cool Cat Cafe!
What a great day! Hope it brightened your Monday!


  1. Holy Wow!!! Those are some gorgeous pics! I can't believe the colors. You two are Soooooo lucky to have seen this with your own eyeballs!!!

  2. Those sunrise pictures are AMAZING! AH!!!!! :) Beautiful! Sounds like you had the perfect honeymoon! :)

  3. what a perfect day you had!! it poured when we were up there :(

  4. WHAT A GORGEOUS SUNSET & GREAT PICS!! Awesome way to start ANY day, but specially on the honeymoooon :)