Monday, January 31, 2011

Time For Tea!

One of my childhood friends hosted a tea party when we were younger and it was one of the best parties I can remember. We dressed up, acted fancy, and tasted delicious food! It was just so fun and I have always wanted to do something similar!! When I heard that my new cousin hosted one for her bridesmaids and the important women in her life I decided that I am going to have to follow suit!!!

All pictures are from the ParTea Planner!

These are my colors!!
The balloons are great!!
Bridesmaid teas have been happening for many years and there are so many traditions behind them. One of my favorites is summarized on the knot, "traditional wedding circles, especially in the South, a popular feature of the bridesmaids' tea is the "charm cake." Symbolic charms (usually sterling silver) are tied to 12-inch-long ribbons (one for each maid); the ribbons are then arranged between the bottom tier of the cake and the cake plate, trailing out onto the table surface. At the tea, each bridesmaid pulls a ribbon and the charm she retrieves bears a special message. Examples: Horsehoe = good luck; Anchor = adventure awaits; Fleur-de-Lis = love will flower; Wedding Bells = next to marry; Ring = next to be engaged; Camera = fame and fortune; and on it goes." From the knot

My family raises watermelons and other fruits and veggies so I am going to try my hand at making one of these!!
Cupcake in a tea cup- how adorable!

I also want to really host this and make the food! So I am thinking that we will have the tea Wednesday afternoon or so and invite all the women who have helped me in this process! Here are some of the recipes I want to try to make:
-Definitely the cupcake in the tea cup

Just love all of this!!
"Other significant activities can be part and parcel of the bridesmaids' tea. Often the gang will use this time to present the bride with something old, new, borrowed, and blue. And, if they all pitched in to buy the bride a special wedding gift, they'll present that too, maybe with some words of benediction from the maid of honor. What else? Married attendees can come prepared to share what they've learned about marriage, usually in the form of funny anecdotes, moving memories, and sound advice." the knot

What a fun thing to do with some of the most special women in a bride's life!

Can't wait!!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sundae with an Etsy on Top!

Happy Sundae! Here it is with an Etsy on Top!!

This is a fun little bracelet!!
Love this mason jar chandelier!!
Wow! So pretty!
Love gift bags!!
Isn't this a fun little rustic cake stand!

Enjoy your Sundae!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Etsy Find!

Have I told you lately how much I love Etsy!? The other day I was looking all over for customized rubber stamps to stamp our favors with and couldn't find anything! Then it hit me to check Etsy! I found a vendor called stampoutonline and she made me a stamp in like 2 days!! The best part was that I only gave her a few ideas to see what she came up with and I loved it!! So here it is and I am sorry you can't see the real stamp very well but I haven't had time to get any ink-- so I will save that until I stamp it on our favors!!

Ok so the cross in the middle is one of those medical crosses so it will go with our first aide kits!

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This was the proof she sent me!

Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Bridesmaid Gorgeousness!

Figuring out what dresses I wanted my bridesmaids to wear has been one of the hardest things I have had to do thus far!! First of all I am not much of a shopper and second I wanted all of them to feel beautiful in their dress and comfortable. I have bridesmaids in three different states and so going all together was out of the question. We did have a shopping trip planned with the three who were in Colorado over Christmas but because of a snow storm it was canceled! So this past weekend my future sister and I went to David's bridal with one goal- get the dresses picked out! When we arrived the parking lot was jammed full of brides to be and their entourages, we hadn't made an appointment and I was thinking that this was going to be another failed attempt! Well they actually took us right away and Jenny picked out some cute dresses. We decided on a silver color which of course is not in stock so she tried on the styles not the color! They are a cotton fabric and super cute! She only tried on 3 of the five styles so I put the models in the last two pics!!

O I almost forgot they all have pockets!!

Look at her little waist!

This is the one she ordered!

I am going to accessorize them in pink and am working on some cute fabric flowers for the dresses! Ideally they will all wear one different one but I am fine if a few of them like the same one!! O and they are wearing pink shoes which I am still hunting for!!
Have a Happy Wednesday!!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Let Them Eat Cake!

Happy Tuesday! Today I am so excited to show you our cake tasting and reveal the groom's cake- which is a surprise for Danny!

Our cake is being made by Heather at one of the Hyvee's in Omaha. We found her through a bridal show here in Omaha. Then I got on her facebook and looked at all of the wonderful cakes she has made!! I contacted her and sent her some pictures and she quoted me a price and I was hooked!! This past weekend Danny and I drove to Hyvee and picked up some sample cakes.

Doesn't he look so excited!!

Flavors: Pink Champagne, Fudge filling, German choc., and Orange!

I think we both liked the fudge and  the pink champagne the most!

Practicing for the wedding- we were laughing too hard to even eat the cake!!

I had to do an artsy photo and yes I put the love sign there!

This is what our cake will look like!

This is going to be Danny's Groom's Cake-- Shhh! It's a secret!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Unveiling the Veil!

A package came on Friday! Any guesses? Yep the title kinda gives it away!! Any way I had a tracking number and tracked it all day long while I was in class. Ran some errands and then came home as fast as I could to check the tracking number- IT WAS DELIVERED!! So I went down to the mailboxes- I live in an apartment building- and got my package!!

What a gorgeous box- card box potential??? The veil is called glitz because it has little rhinestones on the bottom edge.
When I loaded these photos onto the computer I was amazed at this picture- isn't it pretty, the little rhinestones catching the light and the word hope behind it. I swear I didn't even realize that the hope sign was behind it, it is always on the stove!

I had a lot of fun taking pictures with the self timer since Danny did not want to see it- he wants it to remain a surprise. The veil is from MayRey Designs, go check them out, they have recently added to their collection. I can't wait to try it on with my dress!! Finally felt like this was really happening!!

This week I have a lot of things to share with you!! Stay tuned and enjoy Monday Morning!!

5 Months!

Five more months today!!
This month's to do list:
-Get all bridesmaid's dresses
-Inform groomsmen of tuxes
-Get invitation design finalized
-Do marriage prep- FOCUS test
-Meet with Castle Unicorn
 -Meet with Florist
-Find hair stylist
-DIY projects

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sundae with an Etsy on top!

Happy Sundae! Hope you've had a great week and without further ado here's your sundae with an etsy on top!

Enjoy your Sundae!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Lawn Game Fun!

One of the biggest things that we want from our wedding is for our lovely guests to have fun and be entertained! Our reception venue has a ton of lawn space so what better way to use that space than to set up some lawn games!! I'm thinking games like croquet, bocce ball, bean bag toss... Here are some cute pictures of lawn games! And of course I will make cute signs like the ones pictured!

Love these, so fun!! Happy Thursday!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Water Bottle Labels!!

Happy Monday and hope you had an excellent weekend!! This weekend I found this adorable template for water bottle labels and think I will use it as a part of my OOT bags!


Way cute huh!? She made them using PowerPoint! Visit the Ruffled blog to find this cute little project. It can be used for anything not just weddings. So I downloaded and played with them for a while and here are some I created in only about five minutes! Awesome and quick DIY labels.

                The cross in the middle is a medical cross because I will be a nurse and he a doctor!!

In case you couldn't see the label close enough- just too adorable!

Have a great start to your week!!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Congratulations to the Mr. and Mrs.

I wanted to make this post incredibly special because this is my 50th blog post, can't quite believe it but it's true! Remember awhile back when I said I was going to get to attend a wedding of my cousin's? Well I didn't quite make it to the right place in Texas because of flight fees and my own stupidity- long story! Anyway after getting off the phone with my mom this morning, who did attend the wedding, she said it was absolutely gorgeous and just loved it. They did an amazing job planning all of their wedding details and the thoughtfulness that went into it was breathtaking!! So for my 50th post I wanted to share one of their photos with you and hopefully some more later (if they are ok with it!) Without further ado the new Mr. and Mrs.!!

Look at the joy!! Love the way they look at each other!

P.S. I love her gown-don't you!!

Sundae with an Etsy on Top

Here's your Sundae with an Etsy on Top!

via on Pinterest

via on Pinterest
                                             Rustic Elegance- so pretty!!

via on Pinterest
                                                     I love ampersand

via on Pinterest
                                              Loving this sign- too cute!!

via on Pinterest
                       Look at the little chalk board signs, gotta love the pie too!

via on Pinterest
                                           Aren't these unique and sweet!

via on Pinterest
                                 I want to use this idea- napkin ring holders!

via on Pinterest
                                       Reminds me of the movie "Cars"

via on Pinterest
                                            Blooms on burlap- love it!

Enjoy your Sundae!