Monday, January 10, 2011

I love the bridal shows that can actually give you ideas, and I mean actual hands on-- what your wedding will actually look like if you choose us, ideas! That is why I really enjoyed this show! It seemed like there were at least a dozen cake bakeries there and floral displays so here is some of their work!

Cakes Galore!

A lot of the pictures I took were from Hyvee (where I am getting my cake!), Bag N' Save,  and Baker's.
The reason being that these vendors offer awesome prices for an awesome cake!! If you are getting married in Omaha or anywhere with these stores check them out because you might be surprised!! The Cakery, Dolce Cakes, and The Cake Specialist are also great vendors in Omaha! Now there are a ton more vendors who would be thrilled to do your cake but these are just the ones that I saw at the show with great cake designs!!

Another thing that I loved was the top right picture. They took one flower and put it in a vase and floated a candle on top- very elegant and classy!

Yummy! It was incredibly hard and very tempting to eat all of the samples- but we stuck to our guns and did not taste any!!

Stay tuned another photo board is on it's way!!

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