Saturday, January 15, 2011

Tuxes & Bowties

I received a great piece of advice the other day and put it into action today. Someone told me to pick out the tuxes first and then match the bridesmaids dresses to the tuxes! So Danny and I went on down to Men's Warehouse where he could get his rental for free! We picked all of the tuxes out and put down our deposit- one more thing to check of the list!! We decided to put him in an all grey suit with a grey bow tie, his groomsmen and ring bearer in a grey suit with a pink bow tie, and our dads in a grey suit with a black tie.
I did bring my camera and much to my despair Danny did not have to try anything on like I thought-- I guess it is totally different than dress shopping!! Anyway it was probably a good thing they didn't have him try it on because the camera died. Here is a preview and when he goes to try it on I will take real life pictures!!

Loving the bow ties!!

Happy Saturday see you tomorrow for Sundae with an Etsy on Top!

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