Thursday, January 13, 2011

Welcome Bags!

Many of our guests are traveling from Colorado to attend our wedding, some of them have never been to Omaha and close to none of them have been on the Creighton Campus. We are looking forward to showing them where we live and what we have been up to for the past 5 years of our lives! In a way it is like a mini destination wedding and we really want to make them feel like they are on a weekend getaway to enjoy themselves. To help them do that we want to design Omaha welcome bags which will either be in their hotel room or handed to them when they check into the hotel. I am hoping to fill it with some coupons, snacks, waters, and I would love to get some tickets for the College World Series and put them in the bags. I am also going to fill it with unique things from Omaha and Creighton. Here are a few little ideas...

Simple & Cute!

Love the pails!

Pretty close to what we would want to fill ours with.
Favorite bag- isn't it adorable?

If you have any ideas or anything unique to Omaha that I could add I would love to hear them!!
Have a great Thursday Night!

All pictures from pinterest!

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  1. ooh this will be great!! we got little apple bags from the orchards in our town and filled with water, an apple, some candy (it was end of september so we got halloween candy) and tylenol :)