Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sundae with A Royal Etsy on Top!

Happy Sundae!! Happy May Day! It's May 1st! How did that sneak up on us??

Did you catch the Royal Wedding? If not I am sure you saw the recaps or caught a picture here or there! How sweet were they-- completely in love! I couldn't resist giving you an Etsy with a Royal Spin today so here are a few royal related Etsy items!

How fun would these be? Royal Wedding Photo Props!
This seller is actually recreating Kate's Tiara but all the proceeds are going to Charity- Truly and Etsy seller after Kate and Will's own hearts!
Cupcake Toppers-if you had a little viewing party these would have been perfect!

Enjoy your Royal Sundae!


  1. Super cute! I am sure we are going to see tons of replica tiaras coming out now!