Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Invitation Do Over!

Good morning lovelies!!

Soon after we had printed our invitations someone found a spelling mistake and we couldn't just send them all out with something misspelled. So we had to take out the middle invite-yep the one that was glued down. Once we got them stripped out they were still sticky so we had to lay them out on the bed so they wouldn't get stuck to each other.

Then we had to print the invites again except this time we used my cousins printer and for some reason they would not print to the right size- I am betting it took us an hour to an hour and a half before we figured it all out- here is your shout out Josh! Josh is Sallie my cousin's husband and he was the one who finally figured out how to get it to print to the right size!! Thank goodness for him!
That's my dad trying to show everyone on a map where the castle was!!
We also decided to go ahead and just hand out some of our invitations at Easter in order to save money on stamps. This was nice because I got to see everyone's reaction as they opened them!

Here is my first RSVP card from my Godparents!

What a great day minus the spelling mistake! Word to the wise make sure you have someone spell check your invites especially if they are used in a program without automatic spell check!!


  1. Aw poop. At least you caught it!!!

  2. Better now than after you sent them

    Glad it all worked out!

  3. Yea better you caught it now. yay for getting responses!

  4. I totally know how how you feel... we were all set to put our invitations together and found out that when the envelope says it's 5x7, that means if you want it to actually fold, you have to make the invitation about 1/16 of an inch smaller. Talk about frustration!!!

    Good news... YOU'RE ALL DONE!!!!