Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Pinata Tradition

OK so I feel like I should stop brainstorming cutesy little details and focus on getting the other ones done but I just can't help myself! I keep thinking of things and then google image searching them for more inspiration!! Or I see a great idea on a blog and just have to try it or put my own twist on it!  Anyway my newest idea comes from a tradition in our family that goes as far back as I can remember. It has never been used a a wedding and is usually only present at Christmas! I have no idea where this tradition came from or why but it makes us all happy and we all look forward to it! The tradition I am talking about is a pinata every Christmas. Everyone gets to hit the pinata starting from the youngest to the oldest however we usually don't make it through the teenagers. I was thinking about this at a wedding and of course I googled searched it and here is what I found:

Ashley & Ken's Blog
I could totally make this!!

How gorgeous is this one?
Monkey Said Bear
How fun does this look!!
Not Martha
Mini Pinatas! Maybe for the kids table!!
High Heels and Diet Dr. Pepper
Lots of mini pinatas!
So as you can probably already guess this will be my next DIY project! What do you think?


  1. this is such a cute idea! i've never seen it before and I LOVE IT!

  2. i love it! never seen it at a wedding (or at christas)- only at birthdays or easter, but i think it's so cute! i love the first one for sure :)

  3. ok so I think this is the best idea ever!!!
    so fun and so cute!