Saturday, April 2, 2011

Bridal Besties

Happy April! Ever since starting this blog I have been extremely impressed with the amount of support from the bridal blog community- I mean wow- are there any other people who are so sweet?? I really don't think so. I love the real bridal blogs from brides planning their own wedding and I love seeing their ideas and how they are navigating through the process. The lovely Laura over at Saying I Do compiled a list of bridal bloggers by month and I wanted to take that a step further. Since we are all supporting and commenting away on each other's blogs wouldn't it be great to receive some well wishes on your special day! So what I am proposing is holding a virtual bridal shower for each bride, the point will be to shower them with loving thoughts and support. I didn't know exactly how to do this but I want each blogger bride to basically get their own cute little picture or document that has sayings or words of wisdom from anyone who follows them. So anyway I set up another blog called Bridal Besties because that is how I look at all of you-- as my Bridal Best Friends!! So you can go on over and visit that blog, then leave a comment that you would like to post on the blog about a blogger and then I will add you as an author. Simple as that! You can write anything as a simple Good Luck and Congrats to a story about how much you love reading their blog everyday. The main point of this is support. Without further ado here are the Bridal Besties of April (Compiled by Laura):

           4/10: Victoria @ Little Miss Mac (to be)
           4/17: Justine @ A Knot Editor Gets Married
           4/??:  Sara @ Butterfly Cottage
           4/23: Kayleigh @ The Knottie Bride
           4/23: The Future Mrs
           4/30: Nicole-Lynn @ Seaside Smitten
           4/30: Melissa @ The Best is Yet to Come
           4/30: Channing @ Better Together 
If you don't already go follow all of these wonderful April Brides as they are in their final countdown before the big day! Don't forget to go check out Bridal Besties and leave a comment! Let me know if you have a question or concern by commenting below.


  1. You can also post a comment for someone here and I will add it to their page!

  2. kamie this is a great idea! i love it :)

  3. AW! Cutes! Your new photo banner is my favorite ting evar.

    I can't wait for your DIY!