Thursday, May 12, 2011

Thursday To Do!

This week's to do: (Thursday-Thursday!)
  • Meeting with the Florist- For my ideas click here!
  • Attend the Bridal Shower! Yay!
    • Buy hostess gifts
    • Write Thank you's for the bridal shower -they are printed!
  • Finish the Card Box
  • Pick out linens at the Castle
  • Pick up my undergarments for my dress
  • Go to my first dress fitting-Don't forget to bring my shoes
  • Make the unity candle
  • Finish the Favors-ordered some tags for them
  • Update registries-Bed, Bath and Beyond, Wal-mart, Sterling Travel Agency
  • Check on tutu for flower girl
  • Put shower money into travel registry
  • Design, print, send rehearsal dinner invites
Added some more Thursday To Dos! Also I cannot hold it in any longer but make sure that you tune in this Sunday for my very first giveaway!!


  1. YAY! You have so much done!!!

  2. sounds like you've gotten a lot accomplished! proud of you :) also, i'm excited for your giveaway!