Saturday, May 7, 2011

A Showering of Blessings!

Happy Saturday! What an amazing day spent with all of the amazing women in my life! More on the gorgeous bridal shower which was fairytale themed later this week! It was adorable, they did such a great job! Here are the hostess gifts:

Inside were lotions from Bath and Body works!

I finished up my card box yesterday-- not sure that I love it but I knew I wanted to somehow include our pictures on it. So I decopaged it which was easy and a lot of fun! I might make a different banner for it but here is the gist:

Have a great weekend and Happy Mother's day!


  1. I LOVE the card box!! I would probably make a new banner so that the ribbon didn't cover the tops of the letters, but I really like the pictures on it... that's awesome!!

  2. your card box is adorable! it came out so cute!

  3. So cute! Love it! :) My first shower is in 2 weeks! :)

  4. i love your card box!! it's so cute and i love that you have pictures on it!

    i can't wait to hear about your shower!

  5. awesome job!! That's so creative, I love it! I can't wait to hear more about your shower!