Tuesday, May 31, 2011

What's on the Menu?

Happy Tuesday Lovelies! I hope you had a fantastic long Memorial Day Weekend! Today I have been brainstorming ideas for our menus at the reception. I love the idea of having a cute little menu for the guests, so they will know what will be served for dinner. I found the following two images at Weddingbee and absolutely love this idea- I am dying for that fork, knife, and spoon punch and think I may have found one!! (If you know where to get one leave me a comment!!) Anyway all she did was punch the menu and put another paper behind it to make it look like a silhouette- very crafty!

I also realized today that I love folded napkins!
Google image search

Isn't that cute! Here is a tutorial I found- on how to fold the napkin!

  1. Fold the napkin in half to form a rectangle.
  2. Place folded edge at the bottom.
  3. Bring top edge of the first layer to the bottom.
  4. Turn the napkin over...and bring left edge to centre. 
  5. Fold this section over on itself two more times in the same direction.
Tuck the cutlery  into the pocket.  This method works best with a large napkin...and one that is printed on both sides. (From Judy's front porch)

I think this is worth a try!!


  1. those are adorable!! i used the same punch outline for our menus, but ours was a stamp, so i'm assuming you can get the punch at Paper Source!! can't wait to see how yours come out :)

  2. ahh i love the punch! so cute! thanks for the info on folding napkins too :) i'm going to have to try it

  3. i have a stamp of that image! it's from paper source ;)

  4. So cute, I love the punch! I also folded napkins like that for my best friends wedding and they came out gorgeous!

  5. So cute! We're doing menu cards for all of our guests! They're really easy to make! Michael's and Hobby Lobby both have great card stock! :)

  6. OMG love the menus! We are folding our napkins like bunnies!