Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sundae with an Etsy Giveaway on Top!

Today I am so excited to bring you another Etsy giveaway with a vendor that I have ordered from!!

Without further ado here is another Sundae with an Etsy Giveaway on Top!

Do you remember when I ordered that stamp for our favors? In case you don't here it is again:

I stamped it on my favors and will be using it in other places as well! I loved working with Lisa, the owner and mastermind behind StampOutOnline!

From Lisa:
My name is Lisa, I’m a full time wife which takes up a majority of my energy, oh, I have three children too. LOL! I have a 10 year old boy and two little girls 7 and 4. My husband and I have recently reversed rolls and I’m given an exciting opportunity to turn Stamp Out into something “MUCH BIGGER” then a part time hobby. After you receive your stamp if you are 100% happy with the quality and service please pass on my info to your friends on Facebook and in your blogs. I bought Stamp Out from my uncle 11 years ago and at the time it was primarily business stamps . I quickly learned that I couldn’t run it by myself and immediately did what I always do when I get myself in over my head…”MOM, you need to get down here and help me out!” I’ve held her hostage ever since. I’ve expanded beyond business stamps to cute, crafty, whimsical, custom stamps. I LOVE the Etsy forum. I enjoy the high class and caliber of the Etsy shopper. Etsy shoppers have proven time and time again to show respect and admiration for high quality products and other peoples talents.
 If you describe what you are looking for I can usually get close within a few proofs. I know fonts, I have a lot of stamp graphics in my library and a desire create the perfect stamp for you.
(This is exactly true-- All I did was tell her my vision, I didn't even have to send a picture and she made exactly what I was looking for!)

Here is some of her work!

Not only does she make adorable and custom wedding stamps but she can also make business, personal, or really any kind of stamp you would like!!
I love her designs and can not wait to share them with you! She has generously offered a customized stamp for our Sundae with An Etsy Giveaway on Top! To win your very own customized stamp for your wedding or everyday use:
1. Comment below on what your design would look like!
2. Make sure you are a follower of True Love Stories
3. Like StampOutOnline on Facebook and tell her Kamie sent you over!
Want an extra 2 entries? Tweet this giveaway and link it back here so I can follow you and do the same with your blog posts!

Good Luck Lovelies!


  1. OMGOSH KAMIE! i love stampoutonline! i bought a stamp from them for our save the dates and loved it. i was planning on ordering from them again, but hopefully i'll win this giveaway ;) we plan on having a candy buffet and want to order little glassine bags with this stamp on top:

    also, i'm a follower of you and stamp out online already!

  2. i tweeted about your giveaway :) my twitter username is @mathewsbambina :)

  3. awww I love them!I would create one with our last name so I could use it on all our correspondence to friends and family!

  4. I would LOVE to have one with our names and address for a return address stamp to use everyday!!! And maybe like some rope detail or something for my team roper hubby to be. :)

  5. I like her on facebook now and left a comment!

  6. I tweeted!!/kassarie/status/73083683925540864

  7. i think i was supposed to make a separate post that i follow you, and well...i follow you! lol

  8. i follow stamp out online already ;) (making a separate post again lol)