Monday, May 30, 2011

Do they measure up?

Happy Memorial Day for those of you celebrating! It seems like the days are just flying by now and I have so much to do!!

A few weekends ago my dad and my brothers went to get fitted for their suits! Of course I was there with a camera in hand to document the process and the sales associates probably thought I was crazy but they played along and stepped out of the way for the shots.

Dad trying on a jacket to be fitted and looking in the mirror! This random little girl was watching me take pictures and just happened to get in this one! She's cute!

Here is my older brother Tim- the one who just graduated High School!

Younger brother Joey- he was so cute and you could tell he felt so grown up!

So this is the real suit- they will have pink bow ties though!
What a fun day we had!! Have a wonderful Monday!


  1. these are so nice! you're lucky! when i went with everyone to get "fitted" they only measured them... and told me they don't try on the suits until they come to pick them up! i wish i could have taken pics!

  2. Love this color suit. We were thinking something that color or a darker grey! Love how you took pics and that little girl is like What is this lady doing?? Great blog!!

  3. they all look so handsome! the suits are gonna be great :)

  4. Those are SO nice!!! :) Exciting it's getting so close!!!

  5. Hi. I'm Nitra (bride 2 be) (June 25, 2011). & I notice that our guys will be wearing the same tuxedos. Yay. FAB!.... Warmest wishes to you and yours.