Thursday, December 23, 2010

Holiday Baking Part 1

Yesterday I really got into the Christmas spirit and started baking the day away!! I had been wanting to try to make these Oreo truffles that an aunt of Danny's had made for their family Christmas- they were absolutely wonderful!! So I found the recipe and gathered up all of my ingredients!!
This is just super easy to make all you need is:

- Chocolate Oreo package
- 16oz. Cream Cheese
- 2 Packs of Bakers semi sweet chocolate
- wax paper

Crushing the oreos- before you crush make sure to take out the middle or it will stick to the bag!
Mixing up the insides of the Oreos and the cream cheese.
Adding in the crushed oreo cookies!
Melting all the chocolate.

Now you roll the oreo mixture into little balls and dip in your melted chocolate! Yum!
Scrumptious looking truffles!

Packaged up nicely in a little box for Christmas!!

Hope you love them!! Stay tuned for more holiday baking!!

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