Monday, December 6, 2010

Save The Date Magnet

 Hope you are having a wonderful Monday!
 Here is a preview of our save the dates!!
MagnetStreet is such a neat site for save the date magnets! They have a bunch of magnets to choose from and then you get to customize them with your colors and words in an editor program. Here is the one that we did:

Now we have not ordered our engagement pictures yet so we put one of the pictures that Anna had posted on facebook in just to see what it would look like. When I showed my fiance the magnet mock up he was so surprised that I had been able to figure out all the details with the technology (he was extremly impressed when I started a blog!) Apparently I am not the most tech savvy person but he sure is. So I told him I really did not make it on my own and that a web site helped me out a little. However MagnetStreet was a little bit too expensive and so we shopped around and began our first DIY project. So he went to work on another look alike magnet on his mac- if I could give a plug to mac computers consider this it!!

He made this one on iPhoto!! We still have a few changes to make like picking different pictures and making the borders a little less intense but isn't it amazing! He is so wonderful, he did this little project as a study break while studying for Med School Finals. I think it will make a really cute magnet and to save on postage we will be handing them out at Christmas!

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