Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Popping the Question!

So I was looking over my posts today and just realized I had not really told you about the proposal! Silly me! Anyway this was an incredible day and there was so much planning and thought put into it which made it that much more special!
On February 20,2010 my best friend asked me to marry him!!
At the time we were both on the Creighton Campus living in different locations but in campus living. I woke up to the sound of something or someone at the door. As I meandered over to the door there was a packet that had been slipped under the door. My heart skipped a beat as I opened the packet and found papers with clues on them- each one had a specific time to open it and a clever rhyme for each was inside!
Danny incorporated some of my friends, his little sister, and his upcoming best man into the proposal which made it even more special. The first clue was to meet Jenny- his sister (my soon to be sister in law) outside my dormitory and she took me to Starbucks and Noodles Inc for lunch. Then I opened the next clue and Julia walked in the door of noodles and we went and got a massage which was amazing. After our hour long massage Sam was waiting to take me for mani-pedi's where the whole salon was trying to figure out when he was going to propose!! Sam took me back to my room where I opened the last clue and waited for Luis, Danny's friend to drive me to where Dan was waiting. On the drive over Luis was so cute telling me that Danny was such and good guy and just kept going on and on about him!! What a great friend! Finally Luis drove me to the Old Market where Danny was standing in front of a horse drawn carriage. I flew out of the car and gave him a great big hug, he helped me into the carriage and we took a ride around the Old Market and then down by the river. The carriage stopped and we walked in the snow shivering all the way to the river where he got down on one knee and and asked me to marry him!! He said a bunch of wonderful things all of which I am sure he had been rehearsing and rehearsing but I just stood there half giggling at him (I probably looked idiotic) and now I cannot remember anything he said except will you marry me! It was magical and more than I could have ever asked for!! 

P.S. I got my invitations in the mail today- it was like another Christmas present!!!

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