Friday, December 10, 2010

Happy Friday!!

Sorry I haven't blogged for awhile but I have been busy gathering up some goodies for the wedding with my mom at Hobby Lobby and going on a scavenger hunt for magnet paper. Who would have thought that finding magnet paper for our diy save the dates would be so difficult. P.S. still haven't found the magnet paper!!

We did however find a flower girl basket and ring bearer pillow that I am in the process of making. We also got some fabric for our guest quilt! The other day I was looking through the lovely wedding blogs and found something similar to this:
 I love these flower monograms I can just see a K and a D hanging from the church doors and then we can use them at the reception as well! So anyway this was in the back of my mind when we went goody shopping and then we ran across letters in Hobby Lobby and I of course will show you them when I finish that project!!

Also received a phone call this week that my wedding dress had come in!! How exciting- now the diet needs to start!

I wanted to leave you today with this cute picture of "sciency" cuff links that are super cute!!

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