Thursday, March 10, 2011

A True Love Story!

Andy & Audra were married in January and unfortunately I was unable to attend this gorgeous looking wedding. It seems like they met and were in love immediately. Andy brought Audra to family Christmas's and other family get together. You could just look at them and know they adored each other! It was incredibly cute! 
Andy is in the military and had been deployed to Iraq, during this time Audra and Andy planned their wedding across the ocean from each other! 
I have a strong admiration for Audra because she is so independent and was strong and courageous while Andy was away from her. It takes a very special love between two people to make a long distance relationship work and while they missed each other they never complained.
I also admire Andy for joining the military and protecting each and every one of us! Now without further ado here are their getting ready pictures from Joie de Vivre Photography.
I love her bouquet!
Andy's ring had Faith engraved in it!
Cute bridesmaid shoes!
I love pictures taken right before the ceremony- so truthful!
One of my favs- makes me wish I had a sister!
Isn't she gorgeous!
How handsome!!
I love this photo- my grandma always gives the brides a rosary to put in their bouquet- such a special detail!

Such a pretty wedding and a happy marriage! More to come!

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