Friday, March 11, 2011

Invitations: Check!

Happy Friday Everyone!! Yesterday we cut and pasted until my fingers hurt but it was so much fun! Danny and I cut all the paper out and then my grandma, cousins, and my mom helped me put them all together! All we have left to do is to put a seal on and then address the envelopes! The whole thing was basically DIY, I did order the paper and the pocket folds from Cards & Pockets whom I highly recommend if you like pockets and folders! The invites were designed using Microsoft Office Publisher and the map was made on Microsoft Office Power Point!
About 3/4 done! Loved how the piles got smaller!
Finished pile!
Accommodations insert.
Final invite.
RSVP card-  they check the little hearts!
Here is that map I made!
Finished on the inside!
It feels so good to have them done! This was probably the biggest project left, perfect for a spring break project! One more project done! Have a fabulous weekend and look for a few more posts from Andy's and Audra's wedding!

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  1. SOOOOO jealous :o) Can't wait to have that "done" feeling.


    I think it'll make you feel how I felt.