Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sundae with an Etsy on Top!

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend! Here is you Sundae with an Etsy on Top!
Isn't this creative for a beach wedding!
Wanted to share this very special cause with you from Jacin over at Lovely Little Details. She is such an inspiration to me and many other bloggers go check this out and get some yummy treats in the mean time!! "A few months back she decided to combine her family tradition of canning with her desire to  help others. It all started when a friend’s child was diagnosed with a rare and incurable illness and she knew she wanted to help. Jacin’s Grandmother, Hazel, was a strong influence in her life and she refers to her as the most amazing woman and canner you’d ever meet! A simple walk to her cupboard revealed a way to not only help but also to honor the woman who meant so much to her: rows of canned pickles and jam! Now through an Etsy store she plans to spread a little joy by selling her home made goods for various people that need help! If you know of anyone in need of a little help, head over to the Jars of Love site and Jacin just might be the girl to bring a little  joy to their lives. To date she has raised about $3,600 for various causes including Operation Layla, earthquake and hurricane relief, and cancer patients.
She saved her Grandmother’s last jar of pickles to eat on the one year anniversary of her death. Just last week she ate that jar with bittersweet emotions. I am sure her Grandma was looking down on her with a smile." As quoted by the Charity Wedding.

Enjoy your Sundae!