Saturday, March 26, 2011

Love at First Sight?

Happy Saturday!
One of the newest trends departs from the traditional don't see the groom before the ceremony. It's the idea of a First Look or First Sight! I am considering it because we will only have one photographer and she won't be able to see and capture both of our faces as I walk down the aisle. The first look will allow us to do our pictures before the ceremony and spend more time with our guests at the reception. Here are my inspiration pictures!
Via Emily DeWan Photography
Look at how cute they look-- so excited!
Via The Knot
Love the blind folds!
via weddingbee
This couple was blindfolded and so technically didn't see each other but were able to talk to each other!

What do you think about a first look? Are you doing one or did you do one?


  1. NO! I'm being super-difficult about this one!
    I don't want anyone to see me before the wedding in my dress. So I have a different dress to keep him and everyone else from seeing me completely wedding-ed up!

  2. I think first looks are great. My fiance really wants the first time he sees me to be when I walk down the aisle, so we will not be doing one. But we did talk about it for awhile.