Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Pink Shoes- for the guys!!

Remember when I told you that I wanted all of the groomsmen to wear pink converse shoes with their grey tuxes? Well I had crossed out that idea because converse are a little expensive for them to buy pink shoes that they will never wear again! Well imagine my surprise when I was looking to see if there were any deals out there and guess what I found????

Pink converse shoes on Eastbay for 9.99 no way!! Now they had limited sizes but I knew it was meant to be when they were the sizes the groomsmen wore! How lucky!!

Today was a great day!!



  1. wow! what an awesome deal and great idea! this will look so cute!

  2. Were you able to get the shoes in time for everyone?

  3. Cute cute and cute! My fiance' wanted converses! :)