Thursday, November 4, 2010

Miracles! A side note about the special people in our lives!

Last week my grandpa who is 83 years old had a stroke. Before the stroke he was the most active 83 year old I know, he mowed his lawn, took care of my grandma, drove all over, cooked, cleaned, even helped my dad with harvesting on our farm! I thought he was going to loose his independence and possibly his life and all of this in a matter of a few moments. However my grandmother managed to somehow move him from where he fell to a chair and called my cousin who is an amazing nurse by the way. From there they called 911 and an ambulance came for my grandpa whose whole right side had lost feeling and was just hanging there.

We have a pretty big family and many friends who were called during the time between the initial 911 call until he laid in the Emergency room. I bet thousands of prayers were sent up at that time asking God to do what he could. And that night the power of the faith of a family resulted in a miracle. The doctors said that he had fully recovered from this very dangerous kind of stroke and that they had never seen anyone recover this quickly.

Today he is healthy and fine and planning to drive to my wedding- miracles happen if you just believe!

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