Monday, November 15, 2010

Engagement photos!

If this is not proof that we live in a small world I do not know what is!

Last January before Danny and I got engaged I was home for Christmas and my mom showed me this amazing photographer that she had found. She then told me that she taught her in kindergarten and had been following her work for awhile!! I looked at her photos and they were just gorgeous of couples in love... The problem was that she lived in another state and would travel but we just did not want to pay the traveling fee. So I let that slip out of my head and began looking for other photographers around Omaha. One day I ran across Anna's name again in a google search and found that she was moving to Omaha for her husband's job!! When I emailed her I was so nervous that she had already been booked but she emailed me back and said " Some things are just meant to be!"

Here are a few of our engagement pics that she posted as a preview:

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