Saturday, December 10, 2011

Something Blessed: And the guests arrive!

Happy Saturday! Let the wedding recaps begin! 
All of our out of town guests started arriving the day before our wedding and we were fortunate enough to get a huge block of rooms for all of them at the same hotel- it was fortunate because the College World Series was happening at the exact same time! The hotel just happened to be look like a castle and really added to our theme. Now everyone took lots of pictures but my cousin Sallie was there to fill in for all the time we did not have Anna taking pictures. Sallie did a wonderful job and today just so happens to be here birthday! Happy Birthday Sallie!!

Here are our out of town bags full of goodies and a picture of us and the dog!
Everyone basically caravaned from Colorado- so here they are after a long trip!

Cousin Bridget who was a bridesmaid just relaxing with her husband!
Uncle and Aunt Sheri and Bridget
Grandma Cherrie and Godmother Lynn.
My Godson and ring bearer Easton in the middle, my brother Joey on the right, and Kobe the candle lighter on the left.
The knight in shining armour outside the castle hotel!

These were just some of the out of town guests!! Tomorrow I will be posting our rehearsal dinner so stay tuned!

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  1. Castle hotel... how fitting and cute! I bet they loved their boxes.