Thursday, June 16, 2011

Thursday TO-DO!

This week's to do: (Thursday-Thursday!)

Make stickers or something for OOT boxes-Take picture for this at Welcome to Omaha Sign

Make signs-Mom and Dad got this covered!
Buy bridesmaid's presents-half done
Make menus-designed just need to print
Make program fans
Meet with Marriage Prep Counselor for Last time!!
Create a layout with Castle-Today
Call Hotel
Finalize Guest Count- 120
Get Danny's Ring-Just came in- Need to pick it up!
Get Garter
Make Playlist for reception
Fill out paperwork for church
Bake Treats for OOT Bags
Make Day of Schedules

One more week!!


  1. Yay! Just one more week and you're getting so. much. done! That's great, and less stress later on!

  2. Sooo close and you almost have everything done!!! SOOO excited for you!

  3. I found early this week I was writing lists thinking I'd get it all done in one day, but no, it's amazing how long some stuff takes, be warned.