Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Pretty in Pink-Dyed petticoat

Good Morning and Happy Tuesday!!

I finally was able to dye my petticoat to wear under my wedding dress this past week and wanted to share it with you! It was relatively easy but I do suggest getting some help! Both my mom and dad helped me!!

All I used:
-A package of RIT dye
-Washing Machine
-Bowl and spoon

Put the petticoat into the washing machine. Make sure it is hot water( the hot water will set the color). Get the petticoat nice and wet- I let it soak for about five minutes while we mixed the dye!

Take the petticoat out of the washer and put it in a bin or somewhere while you put the dye into the machine! (That's my mom and dad!)

Dad mixing up the dye- just follow the directions on the box! Empty the dye into the washer!

Then put your petticoat into the washer after you have put in the dye. We just put it in like normal clothing. I would not recommend putting it over the long white thing in the center because it gets twisted fairly easily!

Yay it's pink! Now you need to watch it closely- mine dyed pretty quickly.  Make sure you do not let it rinse at this point. We just left the lid open and that way it will not complete a cycle. Every ten minutes or so take it out and untwist it so that it won't look tie-dyed!! When you see the color you want let it go through a whole cycle-rinse, spin and all!
Take it out and hang it on a hangar over the shower or anywhere else that can withstand dripping- don't worry it should not drip pink or whatever color you want to dye yours!

It was actually pretty easy and a lot of fun! If you have a question feel free to comment and I will answer it! I can't wait to see what it looks like under my dress!!


  1. Super cute! I can't wait to see all of these details come together.

  2. Wow! Can't wait to see what it looks like under your dress!

  3. Oh yay! so happy it turned out well

  4. Yay! That was a lot easier than mine;yours must not be polyester!!! lol!

    I love the shade it turned out!

  5. HOW FUN IS THIS!!! LOVE that you chose PINK! That's what I would've chose too! :) I'm wearing ZEBRA print boots under my dress though, so anything else might be a little over the top! haha.

  6. Very cute idea..I have never heard of this before!

  7. so cute! i've seen this around a lot lately and have been wanting to do it. my only worry is...does it show through your dress? that's the ONLY thing holding me back!

  8. Awesome idea, can't wait to see how it goes under your dress!!

  9. Great job. Good on you for doing it yourself, I would be too scared of the result.