Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Dog Ate My What???

Happy Wednesday Lovelies!! Danny and I are finally a little more unpacked but with all the moving we are exhausted hence the lack of blogging! :(

In the process of moving things were scattered about and all over the floor including my bridal heels that I loved. Yes I just said loved because my 9 month old bulldog puppy decided to eat them while we ran an errand. We got back and Danny saw the shoe, brought it to me, and the crying ensued. There was no way to fix it, my dress had been hemmed to that height- I had to have the same shoes. Danny searched the Internet for those shoes but they were not in any DSW stores here in Omaha, I could order them but what if they didn't get here in time?

They are awful-huh?

Thank goodness my mom came up to help us move and we found some very similar shoes that were the same heel height! These shoes are put away way up high so that Daisy can't get to them!

I put the stickers on from YourHappilyEverAfter Etsy Store!! They are my something blue!
Did anything happen to your wedding stuff days before the big day!?


  1. Oh man! I'm glad our dogs are out of the chewing on everything stage! SO glad you were able to find some similar!! :) With luck that will be your only snaffu! :)

  2. SOO Glad you were able to avert the crisis and find a similar pair of shoes!! So funny how the pups are so cute yet can be so devious sometimes!!

  3. Oh my gosh!!!!! I would also cry... glad your mom could save the day!!!!!! I don't /think/ we had any huge crisis the days before, though on the actual wedding day I forgot my tiara at the hair salon. My dad had to go one hour round trip just to pick it up... woops!

    And I did the shoe sticker thing, too!! I also put my wedding date on it.

  4. oh thank goodness you should find replacement shoes! i'm sure i'd be bawling too though if that's what i'd found. also, i freaking love those jewels on the bottom. i really should dish out the money for it but i think i'm holding out for my birthday for them or something.

  5. I'm so glad you find new shoes... I would have cried, too... I love my wedding shoes!

  6. How awful!! So happy you were able to find similar shoes to replace them with.

  7. I would have cried too! Thank goodness you found a replacement pair!

  8. OMG I am so glad you found similar shoes that work! That is so typical of furbabies that get stiff lips about not being "involved enough" in the projects.

    Our kitties tried to sabotage my bunny doilies for my train. They have a radar for important items!