Friday, November 18, 2011

In 30 years...

Hello! It's been awhile, but with school and newly wed life things have just been fast and crazy! During my absence I have realized how much I seriously miss the blogging world and have been catching up with all of your gorgeous weddings and updates! Congratulations to all the newly weds and the newly engaged!!

I recently was given the opportunity to attend and sort of help out at an extremely special and sweet vow renewal and thought what better way to return to the blogging world than to share it with all of you!

(Disclaimer: Names and places were not discussed in this post due to privacy laws)

This year is my senior year of nursing school which means tons of work and clinicals galore. For my last rotation this semester I am on an Oncology floor and during my first week there I had met a couple whom I want to be like in 30 years. They were upbeat and loving even though he had a terminal cancer diagnosis. They decided the best thing for them would be to leave the hospital and spend his last days at home, although due to his medical needs he needed to be discharged on Home Hospice care. However, before they left they decided to renew their vows and involve their family and their health care providers in this loving act. The vow renewal was bitter-sweet as the husband was dying and in unimaginable pain. If you looked around the room there was not a dry eye in sight and you could tell that the life of this couple, the love of this couple, and the love for this couple rose up and out of every person present. Their strength and love that they have found in each other and others is something I will never forget! They have really taken their vows in sickness and in health to heart and have stood by each other every step of the way! So in 30 years I hope that Danny and I have at least have of these insights with each other!
Congratulations to my new friends and thank you for teaching me the important things in life!


  1. Welcome back! We missed you as well!
    This story brought tears to my eyes. There is nothing Shawn could do to make me not love him, whether it be anything from get fired to have terminal cancer and anything in-between. I hope we can be like this couple in 30 years too. LOVE.

  2. Welcome back chicodee, we missed you, can't wait to hear all you have been up to!

  3. how sweet, truly an inspirational couple!