Thursday, August 4, 2011

Something Blessed: Our Wedding Video in Pictures

Happy Thursday lovelies!! Last night I received the email I have been waiting for from the very talented and super sweet Anna Lynch McClary!! Our proofs have uploaded and as we looked at them they reinforced all the love and blessings that we felt on our wedding day. That is why I am going to entitle our wedding recap series as... "Something Blessed" because I had my something old, new, borrowed, and blue but our guests made our marriage something blessed!

 At the end of this post is a little video Anna made for us with some of our wedding pictures but there are so many more and may I say she captured the day in many more ways than I could have dreamed. As much as I tried to take in everything that day there were places and faces that I couldn't be and see- she captured the moments that I wasn't a part of or didn't see and that was amazing to see last night for the first time. Couples standing together, a laugh shared between my grandparents, a little girl and her daddy dancing, and every thing that happened before I walked down the aisle!! I can't wait to show you these photographs but it will take awhile as we wait for the proof book to come in and then order the ones we want. Don't worry because we will get the disc with all of the images on it after we order. OK OK I can't wait any longer to show you this: Our Wedding Video in Pictures!

Thank you again Anna- you are truly amazing!


  1. Oh Kamie! I just watched the whole thing! OMG your photos are all amazing and your video will be, too! Can you believe how long it has been since all that hustle and bustle was being planned?
    It's already gone, left in your heart and your photos! Beautiful!

  2. What a beautiful video! I just watched it and loved it! You looked so happy and beautiful, and your pink crinoline rocked!

  3. I LOVED the video-- you looked absolutely beautiful and it looked like an amazing wedding!!!

  4. Saw the beginning, it wouldn't load fully for me, but from what I did see, you looked beautiful. My fave pics are the first few of you getting ready. Love your pink crinoline too btw ;)

  5. Beautiful!! You looked radiant!

  6. Absolutely stunning!! I love animoto- that's what I use for all my slideshows! Your pictures are fantastic..I think the picture at 3:36 is my all-time favorite!