Friday, February 17, 2012

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Happy Friday!

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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Snow Day Angels and Fun!

Happy Tuesday! Yes it has been awhile my loves! It is February already and the groundhog saw his shadow. Omaha had been in the 70's the week before and we were just hit with a snowstorm thank you Mr. Groundhog. The only good thing about a blizzard was that Daisy loves the snow and it gives me a chance to stay in and do some crafting!!

I found this adorable and easy to make wreath on Pinterest and just had to make it. (Here is the blog Tatertots&jello where it came from!)

What you'll need:
  •  Wreath shape
  • Ribbon 
  • Pins
  • Glue Gun
  • Glue Sticks
  • Cute cupcake wrappers
  • Little Embellishments

First wrap the wreath with the ribbon tightly and pin.
Daisy checking it out.
Then start gluing and pasting. Bunch each cupcake liner at the bottom to make a little point- they will look like flowers.
Fill in and fill in and fill in some more!
Then you can add cute little embellishments if you want and hang it!

Have a wonderful Tuesday!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Something Blessed- The little ones!

I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed brainstorming for the flower girl outfit! I used to dance and wanted her to wear a tutu because they are so cute. As I looked around for tutus that I liked I was stunned by the price of them- enter Ashley my new cousin in law! She is a dance teacher and made the flower girl her own pink and grey tutu for our wedding! I loved it! We also got her a leotard to go with it.
Our florist made her a gorgeous little wreath for her head made out of the same flowers as the bridesmaids.
Ana was our flower girl. Her mom and I were childhood friends- isn't she adorable!!

Here is the basket I made! O and check out her shoes- they are pink and glittery kind of like my silver and glittery ones.
Here is my cousin Easton acting and looking very grown up and very handsome in his suit! He did such a great job making sure Ana made it down the aisle.
This is my mom and dad with Ana right before she went down the aisle.
Cute huh!

Featured on Nebraska Wedding Day

Hi Lovelies and Happy Monday!

I am so excited to share with you that our wedding has been featured on Nebraska Wedding Day Magazine and Blog! You can find it here:

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Something Blessed- The Guys

One of the best parts about having an amazing photographer is that she caught so many moments that I did not get to see and was not a part of. Some of those moments were captured here when the groomsmen had their chance to model in front of the camera- they look like they were really having a lot of fun.

These cute little guys are my cousins, Kobe and Easton, one lit the candles and the other was our ring bearer. I can just imagine what silly things they are telling each other.

Love these two pictures- some much joy and laughter!

The groomsmen wore grey suits with pink bow ties and suspenders from Men's Warehouse.

Here is my guy! He wore the same grey suit but instead of a pink bow tie he wore a grey one to make him stand out.

Anna also took pictures of Danny and each of his guys: Here is Kobe and Easton!
Danny and Best Man Luis!
Here is Joey my brother- he was so excited to be a groomsmen and wear his suit!
Josh- childhood friend
Danny's brother Ben while Danny is being funny!

Tim my other brother!
Luis and Tim doing some modeling...
 The pink converse shoes were something I really wanted to incorporate! So we bought each groomsmen converse shoes and luckily I found a deal for 10 dollars per pair of shoes- amazing!! I love them and the guys were great sports about them too!

Have a great day!!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Something Blessed- My Grandma

My grandma is one of the most important people in my life. She has taught me patience, grace, love, true character, and kindness. She has truly been there for me through thick and thin. Grandma nursed me back to health when I had the chicken pox and my parents were working. She is one of those people who says hi to someone in wal-mart and then continues to strike up a conversation with them. The next time she sees them they consider her a friend! My grandfather and her told me that no matter what they would be at my wedding which was 6 hours away from their home. Whenever someone in the family gets married she gets them a rosary to put in their bouquet. The following pictures were captured of that exchange!

It was pink to match our colors!

Bridget showed me how to put it in the bouquet.
I feel so blessed to have my wonderful grandmother and grandfather in my life!