Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Something Blessed- The flowers

Sorry for the delay lovelies! I have been busy busy with nursing school and organizing and decorating our apartment for the new year! Winter has officially hit Omaha with frigid temperatures and snow on the ground today, which is why I thought I would brighten the winter by talking about our wedding flowers!
Who knew there was so much to know about wedding flowers; which are in season, how much do they cost per stem, what shape of bouquet do i want, what kind of filler, do I want the stems ribbon wrapped... Fortunately I picked an amazing florist who knew exactly what questions to ask and she never guessed about any detail. She also helped me stay within our budget while picking beautiful bouquets. Thanks again Tiffany from Tiffany's Floral Creations you were wonderful!

 I loved the idea of baby's breath bouquets for my bridesmaids but didn't know how to go about picking which type of baby's breath. (Did you know there is more than one type?) Tiffany helped me pick white million star baby's breath which has bigger blooms. Then I asked her if she could make the baby's breath pink and so she had the idea of using pink waxflower to accent the white baby's breath and wrapping the stems with a pink ribbon- yes they were gorgeous!

My bouquet included: Light pink garden roses,white hydrangeas, light pink ranculus, light pink dahlias, silver brunia, baby's breath, wax flowers, peonies. My favorite flower is a peony and I wanted them so badly but they were not in season and she was unsure of she could find some that actually looked good. On my wedding day when she delivered the flowers my bouquet had peonies in it!! What a surprise!!
I also pinned my grandmother's brooch on the white ribbon wrapped stem as my something old. It was so neat that she found one for me that was pink!

Before the wedding my grandmother gave me a pink rosary to put in my bouquet (pictures of her giving it to me coming next). I thought this was a wonderful picture to remember it by.

The groomsmen wore a bout consisting of the same flowers as the bridesmaids.
 Danny wore a light pink ranunculus flower as his bouttoniere.

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